The Dnieper environmental prosecutor's office has initiated eight criminal cases on the illegal allocation of the Dnieper water resource lands, the deputy prosecutor on environmental situation Luiza Yakovleva has announced today at a meeting of the Dnieper environmental Prosecutor's Office.

"The illegal land allocation of the water fund is being carried out by order of the heads of local authorities and the supervisory authorities of the State Committee. Currently the procurator's office has revealed 227 hectares of the illegal land allocation that has caused causes more than 270 million UAH of damage. Eight criminal cases have been initiated, the investigation is being conducted," she said.

According to Yakovleva, the Dnieper environmental prosecutor's office has canceled six permissions on water use for the companies-violators of environmental laws including "Beryslavsky water canal."

"The utility enterprise "Beryslavsky water canal" has been dumping the unpurified wastewater into the Kakhovsk water reservoir for 10 years. Its equipment is worn-out, but the state control department and local self-government of the Kherson region have been ignoring the risks.  As a result, only for 2011 the damage to the state amounted to 19.5 million UAH," Yakovleva said.


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