The Health Ministry of Ukraine has expressed concerns about the lengthy treatment not inherited for the disease of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, the press service of the Ministry of Health reports.

The department noted that the treatment of any disease is carried out according to the treatment protocols.

"The Ukrainian treatment protocols are in full compliance with the European requirements, and the observations of recommendations provide for positive changes in the patients’ health over a particular period of time," the statement said.

The Health Ministry is worried by the fact that the rehabilitation courses of Tymoshenko in the Kharkiv central clinical hospital has been lasted for almost three months. Such a long period of treatment is unacceptable in the international medical practice and is not characteristic for the treatment of such a common disease that was diagnosed. In addition, it is possible that this may lead to negative consequences for the patient," the statement noted.

In addition, the Ministry of Health is concerned by the fact that the German doctors do not report on the duration of the further rehabilitation of Tymoshenko, on the interim results, as well as on the prospects of the health status of the patient.

"We stress that now the Ukrainian doctors do not know anything about compliance with treatment protocols by German doctors," the statement specified.

According to the report, the Ukrainian doctors see in this situation not only medical aspects but also political, in particular, the behaviors of both the patient who continues to complain about the lack of relief, and the German doctors who for unknown reasons do not want to draw conclusions for Ukrainian medical workers about the state of Tymoshenko’s health and the duration of her stay in the hospital.


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