The police have taken two participants of the action in support of the Ukrainian language striking near the Ukrainian House to the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv to find out the motives of the protest action, the strikers say.

Currently the workers of the Ukrainian House are trying to push the protesters away. In particular, they water stairs near the Ukrainian House.

At the same time one of the strikers has laid down on the stairs trying to prevent the displacement of the protesters.

The police officers, according to the protesters, tried to persuade them to leave the territory near the Ukrainian House.

In addition, at 11 am the police officers drew up the administrative protocol as for 15 participants of the rally, because there was no permission of the Kyiv authorities to hold this protest action.

The protesters have argued they sent a request yesterday, but the police officers say no application has been found in the Kyiv city state administration.

At the same time, the strikers believe they do not need a new permission, as they have never officially ended the strike announced on July 4.  However, the protesters, sent to the Shevchenko District Court, should give an explanation why the protest action is being held near the Ukrainian House today.

Now there are about 40 people on the stairs near the Ukrainian House. Despite the fact that the workers of the Ukrainian House continue to water the stairs, the protesters do not go away.
There are no clashes among the strikers, the Ukrainian House employees and the police officers.


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