The Constitution of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea shall provide for real powers to bring the region to economically self-sufficient level, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Anatoly Mohylev said, ForUm learned from the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea press office.

"Crimea has a great potential. I believe that it is simply unacceptable remain to be a subsidized region and ask for help from Kyiv. To realize the potential Crimea has, we need not declarative, but real powers. The key task is to achieve economic independence," the chief executive of Crimea said.

Mohylev stressed that the pace of development of Ukrainian regions, Crimea in particular, will influence the general situation in the country. "Ukraine deserves to be a highly developed, prosperous country. The situation in Ukraine will depend on the work of the local authorities. Strong regions make strong country," the head of the Council of Ministers said.
In addition, Mohylev noted that the Constitution of the ARC of 1998 meets democratic standards. "But life goes on. The Basic Law of the Crimea is more than 10 years old. We have something to improve. - The head of the executive branch added. - Unfortunately, having even the most elaborate and progressive Constitution, some authorities remain only on paper. I want to emphasize that the provisions of the Basic Law must be followed scrupulously."

Mohylev expressed confidence that the view and the special status of Crimean Republic should be taken into account during the preparation of draft laws on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. In this regard, there was made the decision to create in Crimea a working group to develop proposals and amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine concerning the powers of Crimea. "This work will last not for a day. The working group is to analyze in detail the legislation and develop constructive proposals. Our task is to submit our vision of cooperation between Crimea and the central government for consideration in the Constituent Assembly. Unfortunately, the current structure of this cooperation is blurred and this prevents against effective interaction. We should make the control system more consistent and comprehensible," Mohylev said.

The chairman of the Council of Ministers believes that the balanced decision on the powers of the republic will be made applying a constructive approach and close cooperation with the Constituent Assembly. "I am deeply convinced that the regional autonomy should be manifested not in the high-profile statements and constant asking for help, but in the social, economic and political stability, self-sufficiency of each individual region in the country," the chairman of the Council of Ministers concluded.

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