Large world economies are struggling for their export potential, weakening their currencies, the MPP Consulting agency expert Pavlo Melnyk said at the press conference "Dollar, euro, hryvnia: summer trends of currencies", ForUm correspondent reports.

According to him, the U.S. utilizes its large debt to understate the rate of dollar against euro and yuan. "The weaker currency is, the better to buy the goods of the country," the expert said.

Melnyk believes that the crisis in Greece is of a considerable advantage for the EU countries, namely for its strong players - France and Germany for the same reason. "Germany and France have very high-tech manufacturing, they need an export growth," the expert said, adding that Germany alone is able to help the Greece emerge the crisis, paying off all its debts. "Germany will have no profit from paying off the debt of Greece. Germany is aimed at reducing the rate of euro. In turn, U.S. government understands that and prepares a response.


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