University admission campaign goes full blast. Despite the innovation of the Education Ministry to apply online the majority of applicants prefer to come in person. ForUm has followed the application process in Shevchenko University and found out why school graduates do not trust the electronic system.

There are not so many people waiting for their turn to apply the documents to the admission commissions. Student self-administration is guiding the newcomers and wall advertisements help to navigate. One of the ads says that applicants coming from other cities can rent a room in the university dormitory at 40 UAH per day.

The application process goes smoothly and calmly. Some applicants look bored and entertain themselves at best they can.

Students of the self-administration of the law faculty say that only 1000 applications have been registered for a week. "We thought there would be many more. The process goes smoothly. The majority of applicants from other regions come in person totally ignoring the electronic application system," they said.

Not fully understanding why the online application system is not popular we've decided to ask the very applicants.

Serhiy, the city of Priluki (Chernihiv region), future historian:

- I want to be engaged in scientific work related to the history. I am following the steps of my mom, who also studied in Shevchenko University and highly recommends it. When I tried to apply the documents online the system did not work. And it was not only me who had problems with the electronic system. My friends told me they had similar problems: the site was overloaded or inaccessible.

Yulia, the city of Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region), future interpreter:

- Shevchenko University is my dream. I've chosen the profession "English interpreter" as I really want to travel around the world. I have not even tried to apply through the electronic system. I believe it is better to come in person and make sure everything is done in proper way.

Kateryna, bachelor's degree in Ukrainian philology, Kirovograd region:

- I've come to apply for master's degree. I've chosen the department of "Ukrainian language and literature and English language". However, I've applied for other three specialties (Russian and English philology) just in case. Though I am registered in the electronic system I've decided to come in person. I heard on the news that the system was far from being perfect, so I came to make sure the documents had arrived.

Denis, the Kyiv city, future IT specialist:

- I am applying for three qualifications: computer science, applied mathematic and software engineering, to be sure I am accepted at least to one of the departments. I don't trust the online system and I have not even tried to register in it.

Natalia, the city of Sevastopol:

- I am deciding between law and philology. I've come to Kyiv to apply in person because I heard not all universities accept online documents (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and some Lviv universities, for example, according to Natalia - ed.). I also heard the system does not work properly. A friend of mine failed to buy a ticket to come in person and had to apply through the electronic system. It was awful. The system glitched every time he entered data.

Summing up our tour we can state that the electronic system of application has not proved its value - the majority of applicants have not even tried to use it. However, it is good to know that even without hi-tech technologies our universities are capable to manage the mass flow of applicants.

Anastasia Pika, photos of Marianna Khardi


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