It is necessary to consolidate a success of the healthcare reform, the healthcare minister of Ukraine Rayisa Bohatyryova said today, during the meeting of the Healthcare Ministry officials in Ternopil.

"We have to think what we need to do to increase the number of our supporters, both among the health care workers and the citizens," the vice PM addressed to the delegates.

At the same time Bohatyryova stressed that the implementation of the healthcare reform should continue taking into account the experience accumulated in the pilot regions.

"We had already held several meetings to discuss the implementation of reforms in the pilot regions, - the vice PM said. - We talked about the positive results, achieved on the primary care level, the risks faced, the lack of funding, the benefits of the introduction of promotion and better pay for doctors who work on the primary level. And now we are ready to implement the reform, taking into account all the experience we had accumulated in the pilot regions. "

Earlier, the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that the healthcare reform in any case should not worsen the provision of medical services.


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