Emergencies minister of Ukraine Viktor Baloha has criticized the behavior of the Russian delegation during the meeting between Presidents Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Putin.

"Yesterday I was present at the meeting with Russians. What can I say, total incivility left negative impressions and pissed off hospitable Ukrainians. President Putin overpassed all possible limits of being late. He chose first to go to his fellow bikers, and showed everyone his priorities," the minister wrote on his Facebook page.

The minister also expressed his indignation with Putin's behavior during the talks. "It's impolite to interrupt the host of the meeting. Obviously, Putin did not know about this simple rule and was commenting on Yanukovych's speech in the process. May be he thought it was appropriate, but not many shared his opinion. I could see it in people's faces," Baloha wrote.

Commenting on the topic of the meeting the minister complained that the Russian delegation did not bring any new ideas. "The same old about gas discount and how Ukraine is lucky to have this gas price. I don't know who they were talking to, but Kyiv is no longer interested in this bla-bla. Hey, Kremlin, what's with attitude? Call off the dogs!" the minister recommended.

Speaking about the Customs Union and Common Economic Area, the minister wrote that the Russians kept applying force. "It sounded like we needed it more than them. They even cited Belarus as an example. Don't they understand that Belarus is not the best guide ever for Ukraine? Probably they still think Ukraine is dreaming about neoUSSR. Something definitely went wrong with their approaches. In our world the neighbors respect each other, and Ukraine has demonstrated that it considers Russia as a partner. But what has Russia demonstrated? Nothing new to me..." Baloha said.


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