The joint Russian-Ukrainian-Belarusian Slavic Commonwealth-2012 Tactical Exercises will be held in July in the territory of Ukraine, the spokesman of the Defense Ministry of Russia Colonel Nikolai Donyushkin said.

"The Exercises will be held within July 23-27 at the training ground in Mykolaiv region. The actions within the joint battalion in the fulfilling the peacekeeping tasks in the area of conventional conflict will be worked out," Donyushkin said.

He noted that up to 100 soldiers of the airborne divisions from each country will participate in the Exercises.
The composite battalion will fulfill the practical issues to isolate and block the area of location of illegal armed formations, to control the roadblocks, to escort humanitarian convoys and to ensure security in the area of emergency, the officer said.

He added that in the course of the Exercises will be carried out practical airlift delivery from the Il-76military transport aircraft.

"The Russian participants will arrive on the large landing ship of  the Black Sea Fleet in the area of holding the Exercises," Donyushkin said.

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