Ukrainian government calls Russia to provide conditions for learning the Ukrainian language and, in turn, is ready to create the conditions for learning Russian in Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych said.

"We hope to create a bilateral high-grade environment for learning the languages: Russian in Ukraine, Ukrainian in Russia. Moreover, the emergence Ukrainian information product in Russian media space will be highly appreciated. We need to work seriously on this issue," Yanukovych told a briefing on Thursday after the talks with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin and the meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian Interstate Commission.

As reported, on July 3 The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on the principles of the national language policy, which caused to a wave of protests throughout Ukraine.

The adopted law, which will enter into force upon the signature by the President, allows the use of Russian in the official paperwork in the regions, where there are at least 10% of residents speaking this language.

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