Currently the European Union has no single approach to the further development of relations with Ukraine, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the EU on the association agreement Pavlo Klimkin said at the meeting.

"The EU does not know what to do with Ukraine. It did not know what to do with Ukraine few years ago, it does not know what to do with it today, and it will not know for a certain period," he said.

According to the ambassador, the initialing and the implementation of the association agreement will allow the EU to recognize the role and place of Ukraine. "We are talking about the text of the association agreement, not about the project. It is really an extraordinary text and an extraordinary agreement for the EU and Ukraine. I have the impression that neither Ukraine nor the EU realizes the importance of this agreement in the process of its realization," Klimkin added.

According to the ambassador, the future of the agreement will considerably depend on the current situation in some EU countries. This refers to the euro-zone countries suffering from the debt crisis. The crisis forced most member countries to agree with new financial rules.


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