Today, on July 12, the second stage of the Ukrainian-American Sea Breeze 2012 Exercises began with putting out to sea of the Ukrainian, American, Turkish and Georgian warships.

As ForUm learned from the Defence Ministry press service, the naval mariners from different countries will work out a number of issues related to preparation for the fulfillment of the tasks of the maritime and coastal components.

According to the head of training, the Captain 1st Rank Denys Berezovsky, currently, soldiers from 17 countries have carried out a series of measures aimed at improving their professional skills. The team training of units and crews is already completed as well.

The officer drew attention to the fact that the present Sea Breeze, as well as the previous exercises in this series, has a purely peacekeeping subject, and its main purpose is to exchange experiences among soldiers of different national armies in terms of their commitment to joint decisive action to ensure maritime security.

"Participation in the Exercises for Ukraine is important both in terms of improving the professional skill of our soldiers and the prospects for the national Armed Forces as part of the multinational forcse during the implementation of peacekeeping operations," Berezovsky said.

He emphasized the intensity of work carried out that in this context during the Sea Breeze 2012 Exercises. Thus, the review of all elements for possible collaboration with the NATO in peacekeeping operations at sea with is being carried out by the foreign experts on board of the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy frigate Hetman Sagaidachny and the large landing ship Konstantin Olshansky. In addition, the actions of the Ukrainian Marines, fulfilling anti-terrorist task on a certain topic during the current Ukrainian-American Exercises, are also being estimated by the foreign experts.



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