The Prosecutor's General Office of Ukraine will not allow Yulia Tymoshenko to undergo treatment forever, PG Viktor Pshonka told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

The official denied the information on that Tymoshenko is allegedly undergoing medical examination without her consent. He also confirmed that German and Ukrainian doctors noted the improvement of Tymoshenko's health condition. 

"Somebody wants Tymoshenko to be always sick so the trial never starts. I believe Tymoshenko and her fellows think the same. But this is wrong. There is no such treatment which never ends," he added.

Pshonka also expressed his indignation at opposition MPs behavior near the hospital. The deputies have blocked the entrances to impede law enforcement officers to bring Tymoshenko to court.

"If there is a court decision Tymoshenko will be delivered to court. If there is no court decision Tymoshenko will stay put. Anyway, the events will develop exactly as stipulated by law, not as Tymoshenko or others want. Besides, Tymoshenko is sentenced and serving her term," he underlined.

The Prosecutor General also recommended Tymoshenko and her fellows to be grateful for humane attitude to her.

"Tymoshenko and others should be happy about humane attitude to Tymoshenko regarding her terms of serving, not criticize for nothing. One must not overstay one's welcome, you know," the official summed up.


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