The balanced monetary policy of the National Bank of Ukraine contributed to achieving and maintaining price stability in the country. In particular, the consumer price index in June declined in annual terms to 98.8% compared to 111.9% in June last year, ForUm learned from the official website of the National Bank.

During the month there was an increase in balances both on deposits and loans provided by banks in local currency.

The National Bank statement noted that the total amount of deposits in the banking system over the last month increased by 1.2% - to 505.9 billion UAH (YTD – by 3.4%). In the growth of deposits, the growth in the domestic currency dominated, which rose over the month by 1.4% (YTD - by 4.6%). The funds in foreign currency increased by 0.9% (YTD - by 1.9%).

The volume of individual deposits for June rose by 1.6% (YTD – by 10.3%). Also, the growth of balances deposit accounts of legal entities was resumed, which for the last month increased by 0.3% (YTD decreased by 8.2%).

The National Bank statement stressed that the growth of funds in deposit accounts contributed to the increase in money supply, the volume of which in June rose by 1.1% - to 708.9 billion UAH (year to date - by 3.4%).

The volume of required reserves formed by banks in June, under the established standards, amounted to 15.6 billion UAH, of them 5.3 billion UAH was transferred to a separate account of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The amount of public money in the national currency on the National Bank accounts in June decreased by 28.4% - to 5.7 billion UAH (year to date increased 2.7-fold).
The volume of the NBU refinancing for the banks in June amounted to 9.8 billion UAH (YTD - 26.95 billion UAH).

In addition, according to the regulator, the volume of government bonds purchased by the National Bank of Ukraine (at par) in June amounted to 5.0 billion UAH (YTD - 9.7 billion UAH).

The total volume of credit investments in June increased by 0.4% - to 793.9 billion UAH (YTD - by 0.1%).

According to the National Bank, in June there was an increase in interest rates. Thus, the average weighted rate on loans increased: in the national currency up to 17.66% per annum compared to 14.52% in May, in the foreign currency - up to 8.59% (from 7.59%).

The average rate on deposits increased in the national currency - up to 11.54% per annum (from 9.49% in May), but decreased in the foreign currency (to 5.35% from 5.95%). The cost of resources in the interbank credit market in domestic currency rose to 15.78% from 5.75% in May.

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