The campaign against Ukraine in the West "went to pieces" after the European football championship, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma said in his interview in Moscow.

In particular, answering the question whether Euro 2012 gave something significant to Ukraine, Kuchma said: "Of course it did. That campaign against Ukraine, against the current government, spread in the West, went to pieces. Politicians can remain of the same opinion, but the people have seen for themselves that everything said about Ukraine does not reflect the reality."

"Simple football fans from Western Europe have seen all of Ukraine: our Kyiv, the Ukrainians, the friendly attitude towards them, the Ukrainian fans. Of course, the interest of ordinary European people to Ukraine has increased. Before the start of Euro 2012 the sociologist polls in Germany showed that only 30% of Germans know about Ukraine. And today, I think the whole Germany knows about our country," he added.

"And if Euro 2012 had not been held in Ukraine, everyone in Europe would have kept thinking that we are the savages," he summed up.


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