The positive change has been observed in the dynamics of the growth of agricultural production, the chief of the advisory group to the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valery Litvitsky said.

"In the first quarter, there was an underrun (of the agricultural production rate of growth - Ed.) - 0.5% against 5% for the corresponding period a year earlier. Already in the middle of the second quarter, the gap decreased twofold - 1.5% in January - May of this year against 3.5% in January - May 2011. Yet in January - June this year, the dynamics was more than 2 times higher than the agricultural cumulative dynamics in 2011 - 7.4% against 3.2%. This is good news. This means that the first quarter stagnation was overcome and currently, the agricultural sector is gathering pace. The stable dynamics in the agricultural sector could lead to the additional growth of the GDP in June and for the half-year period in total, by 0.2% -0.3%, according to my calculations. Let's see what will be the results of other industries. This news is very inspiring," Litvitsky said.

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