Russian businessman and politician Mikhail Prokhorov believes that the level of economic relations between Ukraine and Russia lags far behind the level of affinity between our people and of potential of mutually beneficial development.

"Together we can do better than apart. This is the matter of political will, nothing else. As for the European integration, all we have to do is assist. Russia needs allies in Europe. Ukraine is 'our people'. If you get in Europe before us we will be happy, and if we get their first we will give a hand," he said in an interview with ForUm.

In Prokhorov's opinion, the EuroAsian union is not an alternative to the Europeon Union.

"There is no real alternative. For 20 years we have been trying to put together the pieces of the broken Soviet Union and... nothing. After all these years we should know better. Our reunion path goes through All-European mechanisms. Europe is a value choice for both Moscow and Kyiv. It is more solid platform than the nostalgia for USSR,"  the Russian politician pointed out.


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