The creams to prevent sunburn are better to buy in pharmacies, the chief dermatologist of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine Oleksandr Litus told the press conference "How to have a rest and not to harm health: doctors' advice", ForUm correspondent reports.

"Suntan is a defense mechanism of the skin against the negative effects of the sun ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, tan, of course, is healthless," he explained.

According to the doctor, the amount of radiation a person gets just being on the street is sufficient to meet an organism’s needs in the ultraviolet.

"In addition, we must remember that UV cut the skin collagen as if with scissors. Due to this, it becomes old and flabby," the dermatologist said.

He reminded that for children younger than three years it’s better not to stay under the sun. In summer, it is better to walk at10 a.m.-11 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

"Every extra minute of staying under the sun can cause skin tumors," the expert said.

Litus reported that during May 2012, a month of diagnosis of skin cancer was held in Ukrainian. Within this project, more than 360 melanomas of the skin and about 1800 other types of skin cancer were revealed.


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