Multinational cooperation, practiced during the Sea Breeze 2012 Exercises, will be extremely important in the future, the U.S. 6th Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Frank Pandolfe told a press conference on the opening of the bilateral Sea Breeze 2012 Exercises joined by the other countries.

According to Mr. Pandolfe, the Exercises "are being held in difficult sea conditions and unite the countries interested in maritime security. The Sea Breeze activities have a clear goal that we all share: ensuring safety of the region through cooperation".

According to the 6th Fleet Commander of the U.S. Navy, the co-operation "goes to a deeper understanding and interaction, and this in turn leads to an increased security."

According to the Vice Admiral, "Sea Breeze 2012 will help develop stable and fruitful relationships, strengthen security and stability in this important region".

Mr. Pandolfe said that this year's exercise will be aimed at combating piracy, facilitating humanitarian relief and disaster management. "All these skills will be of use in future. Thus, the Sea Breeze is joined not only by the Black Sea region countries, but also many countries interested in enhancing maritime security," Mr. Pandolfe said.

Mr. Pandolfe thanked the Ukrainian authorities for the organization of "this great event."


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