Extreme precipitation, which fell in Krasnodar region of Russia is a rare climatic phenomenon, which happens about once every hundred years, a climatologist, Ph.D., leading research associate  of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Institute For Geophysics Svetlana Boichenko told ForUm correspondent.

"In Krasnodar region, 170 inches of precipitation dropped in one day, and that was a disaster. However, in Ukraine there were also occasions when about 150 inches of precipitation dropped out in a day. This kind of disasters is very difficult to predict, but do not worry: weather forecasters can warn of possible bad weather few days earlier," she said.

According to Boichenko, within the territory of Ukraine is now a predominance of African air masses from the Sahara, bringing high Mediterranean temperatures.

"Meanwhile, in some regions, by contrast, cyclonic weather can be established or there will be spurs of anticyclones, which can lead to extreme precipitation," the climatologist said.

She also noted that in terms of global climate change, catastrophic events will increase, and these disasters are to be even bigger and stronger.

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