Strategy of production modernization in Donbass gives results already. It was stated by the President at the celebrations on occasion of 80th anniversary of Donetsk region, ForUm learned from the Preident's press office. In particular, according to the President, modern manufacturing domain was launched in Yenakiyevo; desulphurization plant was opened in Makeyevka - this will allow reducing the emissions of sulfur compounds in the atmosphere six times.

The President noted that old environmentally harmful production was closed recently - the last open-hearth furnace at the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant, coke battery in Mariupol.

The President noted: the structure of the regional economy dominated by heavy industry provided its stable development in the twentieth century. However, according to the President, in present conditions such ratio of sectors in the regional economy requires accelerated upgrading of the industrial complex of the area.

"Decreasing energy consumption, reducing emissions, improving safety and providing new technologies are the imperatives of Donetsk region at the beginning of this century," the President said.

The President emphasized that the region has enormous potential in metallurgy - Donetsk region provides about half of steel production of Ukraine. "This is the basis of regional economy and an essential element of the economy of the country," he said.

At the same time the Head of State said that steel production also needs a serious upgrade – it is the only way we can maintain a competitive position in world markets, meet growing demand for the metal of the national economy and thus restore the ecology and health of inhabitants of the region.

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