The Prosecutor's Office in Kyiv has launched four criminal investigations into the events on July 4 at the Ukrainian House.

The criminal cases have been initiated on providing the resistance to police officers and infliction of bodily injuries during the execution of their duties. The cases are based on reports received from the law enforcement agencies, as ForUm learned from the press service of the Prosecutor's Office in Kyiv.

A criminal investigation has been launched on the fact of resistance to the deputy commander of the regiment of Road Patrol Service of State Traffic Patrol Department in Kyiv, who tried to stop the car movement to the sidewalk near the Ukrainian House, where there was a crowd of people.

The policeman tried to avoid hitting the people, standing on the sidewalk.

"Three citizens came to him, one of them got into the parked car and continued driving, and two others using the physical force, pushed the policeman, ripped the shoulder straps away of his uniform and began to hold him, limiting the possibility of movement," the statement said .

Another three criminal investigations have launched on the facts of infliction of bodily injuries to the police employees of Kyiv. Now the law enforcement officers are on treatment, one of them has the concussion, the other two have contusions and bodily injuries of moderate severity.


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