Residents of Ivano-Frankivsk have organized a protest action, demanding the authorities to grant the Gutsul dialect the status of a regional language. The theatrical show is taking place on the Veche square of the city with people playing Gutsul instruments and dancing Gutsul dances. The organizers have even brought a goat, as Gutsul people farm goats and sheep.

The participants of the action are holding provoking posters, demanding to grant the dialect as least the status of a district language.

Commenting on the goal of the action, the organizers spoke to journalists in Gutsul dialect and told they also had a right to have their own second state language.

One of the protesters, Ivano-Frankivsk resident Dmytro Chuiko noted that the adoption of the language law raises scoffing laughter. According to him, if the Russian language can become the state language, then the languages of other ethnic groups, including the Gutsuls, the Boiks and the Lemkis, are as clean as any.


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