The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov considers that the adoption the law on the principles of the national language policy by the Verkhovna Rada improves the legal framework ensuring the human rights and freedoms in Ukraine, ForUm learned from the Cabinet’s press office.

"The Parliament has legitimately adopted the law, which finally provides the right for citizens to communicate in their native language - the right guaranteed by the Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine," the head of the government said.

He stressed that the norm ensuring the rights of national minorities to speak their native language in all situations and in all regions in the European countries is beyond any doubts.
With the entry into force of the law on the principles of the national language policy, the same legal practice will be valid in Ukraine.

At the same time Azarov negates speculation about any restriction or infringement of the Ukrainian language. "The Ukrainian language is protected by the Constitution as a state language. This fact is absolute, unchanging and indisputable," he said.

The Prime Minister stressed in the ongoing debates on the law of the regional languages,  the opposition has taken a destructive position completely ignoring the rights and interests of more than half the citizens of Ukraine.

The opposition has tried to obstruct by force not only adoption, but even the discussion of the bill.

"Blocking the podium, attacks on the bill's authors and their supporters, intimidation, incitement to forceful opposition, speculations instead of arguments: all that is the arsenal the opposition has involved, rejecting all the democratic principles. - Azarov said. - How can these people declared European choice, if they reject European values of democracy? What kind of democrats they are? The mind boggles."

The Prime Minister stressed that the government of Ukraine and the Party of Regions led by him, voted for the European language policy will protect the rights of all the citizens of Ukraine, regardless of what language they speak, what nationality and political preferences it they have.


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