Only the speaker of the Parliament has the right to sign the laws passed by the Parliament before submitting them to the President, the first deputy chairman of the Parliament’s committee on rules, ethics and maintenance of the Parliament Serhiy Sas said to ForUm correspondent on the sidelines.

"The rules of the Verkhovna Rada provide the following procedure - first, the main committee responsible for a specific bill shall prepare the bill to present it for signature to the head of the Parliament. This representation shall be signed by the chairman of the committee, the head of the secretariat of the committee and approved by the head of the legal department of the Verkhovna Rada. Only the head of the Parliament, under the Constitution of Ukraine, shall sign the law. This right shall not be delegated to another official," he explained.

Sas added that if the head of the Verkhovna Rada does not personally sign the law passed, it cannot be sent to the President.



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