The economic development and trade minister of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that having adopted the language law, the MPs took another step to create a contrived confrontation, which goes from political to economic one.

"The country should have taken advantage of a unique impression of millions of Europeans after Euro 2012. But instead of using this positive moment, created by the Ukrainians, unfortunately, the MPs took another step to create a completely far-fetched confrontation and this really hurts me," he told a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday

"I am absolutely sure that it goes from political to economic confrontation," the minister added.

Responding the question, whether he is going to resign in protest, Poroshenko said: "I believe that I am working effectively, and nobody impedes me. As soon as I feel that my work is ineffective, or I am unable to perform the tasks I set myself, of course, I will take your advice. "


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