The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn believes that the law on national language policy would have satisfied both warring parties, if the amendments proposed to the law had been adopted, he said in the interview.

"More than two thousand amendments were proposed to the bill by Kolesnichenko and Kivalov, including ten made by me. If the changes, additions and clarifications proposed by me had been passed in full, this law, in my opinion, would have met the spirit of the time and would have satisfied everyone: the supporters of a single national language and those who advocate for the expansion of the rights of national minorities in the national cultural and social sphere," he said.

Responding the question, whether the adoption of this law will lead to the introducing of the second official language in Ukraine, Lytvyn said: "Officially nobody has proposed to introduce the second state language. The law highlights the status of the Ukrainian language, at the same time enhancing the role of the so-called regional languages. However, we cannot ignore the fact that Russian is the strongest language within the former Soviet Union states. Many are concerned about such a dominance of Russian actually makes it the second state language in Ukraine. And it actually drives out the Ukrainian language. Therefore there is a need of a broad dialogue on the subject, understanding that it is impossible to force people to love one or another language. Moreover, we should understand that the language is a key element of the constitutional order of a state. "


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