The Parliament of Ukraine adopted on the whole the controversial language law by Kivalov and Kolesnichenko, which expands the rights of the Russian language in Ukraine. 248 MPs voted in favor of such a decision.

Before the voting, there was a fight between the MPs. The MPs from the party of Regions and the Communist Party suggest including the draft law in the agenda. Then the MP from the NU-NS Andriy Parubiy rushed to the parliamentary rostrum, the fight started. Nevertheless, the MPs voted for considering the draft.

First, the MPs did not have enough votes for it. In the second round of voting they returned to the consideration having 241 votes in favor. The law was adopted on the whole in the third round of voting by 248 votes “for”.

The first vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Adam Martyniuk closed the evening plenary session of the Parliament in the midst of a new fight near the parliamentary rostrum.

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