Kyiv city state administration is going to install the information signs in English all over the city, the Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Anatoliy Holubchenko said during a meeting of KCSA, as ForUm correspondent reports.

"First of all, we haven’t done the full amount of the information policy work. The information signs in English should be all over Kyiv, not only in the central part of the city," he said.

In addition, Holubchenko noted that all street nameplates on residential houses should be installed and replaced.

"We have hung only a small number of street nameplates on the houses in the city center. One nameplate costs 800 gryvnia. We have 17,000 houses, where these signs could be hung. This is a very serious point, because the Euro 2012 fans complained that they could not navigate on the outskirts of the city," he stressed.


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