Heat for city citizens is a true ordeal: overheated asphalt, dripping condensate from air conditioners, sweaty backs in metro and many other things. On top of everything else, such weather can put at risk the health of people with cardiovascular system diseases. ForUm has decided to figure out what is the best way to preserve good summer memories and save the health and nerves.

The heat is back

After a cool-off period the heat has found its way back to the capital. According to the weather forecast center, no rains can be expected in the nearest future. With average temperature at 26-33 degrees July and August are expected to be the most backing-hot months, as usual.

Doctors advise

There were two case of heat stroke registered in June by the capital's emergency aid station, just because people failed to follow recommendations of proper behavior during hot periods.

Each year doctors remind citizens to follow classical rules for well-doing during the heat.

According to the chief doctor of Kyiv emergency aid service Lyana Bozhko, the following rules-of-thumb will help to survive the heat:

- don't go out unless necessary;
- dress in light and loose clothes made of natural, green fabrics, which do not constrict vessels;
- always cover your head;
- drink a lot of liquids, preferably green tea and stewed fruit juices up to 2.5-3 liters, cool but not cold;
- avoid aerated and sweet drinks, especially alcohol;
- eat less high-calorie food and do not cook in store;
- if possible, minimize your stay in public transport;
- suspend sport activity, as exercises increase heat exchange by five times, which leads to dehydration; instead, switch to swimming in a pool;
- women are better stop using heavy cosmetics, especially face powder and make-up foundations, as they impede the skin to breath and, consequently, increase the sweating;
- men are better stop wearing ties and belts.

Water procedures are also highly recommended. It does not mean you have to plunge into dirty lakes or local fountains. Walk near water, often bathe you face and hands and take shower twice a day - these are necessary minimum during the hot weather.

Certain change of routine can also help to survive the sun. Go earlier to bed and wake up earlier, when the weather is still cool - it will help against headaches.

A fish tank instead of an air conditioner

Many people escape heat with the help air conditioners. It is a very useful invention of the mankind, but it must be used cautiously. Bear in mind that the temperature difference between the street and a room should not exceed 10 degrees. In addition, you should switch off the air conditioner from time to time and to air the room.

This summer air-conditioner-boom is not so 'boomy'. You can buy and install the sacred device within a few days. The cheapest air conditioner will cost you UAH 1900 and the installation will cost additional 800-1200 hryvnias.

In case you do not have an air conditioner in your apartment or your office, doctors advise to put fish tanks (fishes are not obligatory). Constant evaporation in closed premises is a must during the heat.

In case you got overheated

If after a long stay under the sun you feel the first symptoms of hyperthermia - nausea, dizziness, sudden change of face color (red or pale) or seeing spots, you should immediately call a doctor and to exercise the following recommendations before the doctor's arrival:

- get yourself to a shadow;
- get rid of outwear;
- water your face and cover it with wet towel;
- put some ice on the head;
- get near a fan;
- take a cool drink or rehydration solution.

Any weather is bliss

If you follow simple recommendations and do not overestimate your organism, the heat won't get you. Those who have not left the city can still find entertainment in the capital. Various beaches, water parks, attraction sites and clubs are happy to serve you.

In addition, try to take off your shoes and walk on the grass as often as possible. It stimulates the blood circulation, increases general tonus of the body and activates bioactive markings. As a result, you'll always have good feeling and positive mood.


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