One of the main current strands of policy of the Ukrainian authorities is the development of civil society and its involvement into the process of enhancing and implementing public policy, says the introduction to the annual message of the President of Ukraine to the Parliament on domestic and foreign situation in Ukraine, published on the official website of the head of the state.

"The success of the implementation of reforms is impossible without the public support. The path to this goes through the openness of public policy and governance for the direct involvement of citizens and public associations," Yanukovych stressed.

The first step in this direction, in the opinion of the President, will become the strengthening the participatory component of the Ukrainian Parliament. Hence, the upcoming parliamentary elections are very important. "The elections should be a starting point in returning the Parliament the status of the government authority, directly representing the interests of the citizens. The parliament should stop operating in the mode of the "first-class premium club," the President said.

The next step, according to the head of the state, will be the preparation and implementation of the constitutional reform. It must resolve not only the issues of balance of power authorizations between the state and local governments, but also to determine the principles of the political system of Ukraine, which is currently moving towards Europe, Yanukovych said.

The reform of the Basic Law will also be an effective basis for the empowerment of citizens, including their direct participation in decision-making state-level solutions and topical issues of community development, he added.

"It is to be done everything to ensure the highest level of legitimacy of the constitutional process. In particular, the decision was made that for the first time in the history of Ukraine the draft of the Basic Law will be developed by the representatives of the Ukrainian society, the potential of which will be accumulated and disclosed as the part of the Constitutional Assembly," the President concluded.


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