Party of Regions MP Vadym Kolesnichenko does not consider Western Ukrainian (Lviv, Halychyna) dialects as the true Ukrainian language.

"One cannot prescribe to another what language he can speak and what he cannot," the MP said in the air of ICTV.

In response to the question whether he is ready to protect the Ukrainian language as fiercely as he protects the Russian one, Kolesnichenko pointed out that his draft bill on language policy provides proper protection to the true Ukrainian language.

"I stand against Lviv and Halychyna dialects, which infested the media recently. Those are not the Ukrainian language, but a dry retch of that part of Ukraine, which for years had been under the oppression of some other nations," Kolesnichenko declared.

The MP specified that the true Ukrainian language is the language of Poltava, Cherkassy, Sumy and Kharkiv regions.


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