The inertness and resistance of corrupt bureaucracy have become the main obstacles on the path of the fundamental modernization processes going on in Ukraine, says the introduction to the annual message of the President of Ukraine to the Parliament on domestic and foreign situation in Ukraine, published on the official website of the head of the state.

"Already in their early stages of their implementation, the Ukrainian reforms have faced the obstacles, today posing a real threat to fundamental renovation of all the spheres of public life, leading to devaluation of the results achieved," the President said.

The contradictions between the intentions of the state political leadership and the interests of bureaucratic groups, formed on the regional and corporate principles, have become increasingly acquiring a conflict nature, the President stated. These contradictions, he said, have created favorable conditions for strengthening the ideological positions of political parties and movements, opposite to the reformist course.

"The destructive activity of these forces resulted in numerous political speculations. Under such circumstances, strengthening the foundations of the Ukrainian statehood and democratic principles in the public management are of crucial importance not only to continue the course of reforms, but to ensure national security as well," Yanukovych said.


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