The chairman of the National Union of Journalists Oleg Nalyvaiko submits the annual report of the Interagency Working Group in Brussels to review the compliance status of legislation on freedom of speech and protect journalists' rights in Ukraine.

The document in English on behalf of the head of the Interagency Working Group, the President press secretary Darka Chepak was passed to the heads of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), as well as the office of European Commissioner of Enlargement the European Policy Stefan Fule, as ForUm reports.

"This is a very important document. We will study it carefully and we will monitor the processes around the freedom of speech and the rights of journalists in Ukraine. In turn, we are also ready to support our Ukrainian partners," the General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists Stephen Pierce said.

During the meetings with representatives of international journalist organizations Nalyvaiko discussed media issues in the world and in Ukraine due to the preparation for the Congress of the International Federation of Journalists being held in 2013 in Dublin.

In addition, the General Secretary stressed the importance of uniting the journalistic organizations of Ukraine around the work of the interdepartmental working group and the release of the national press card. Nalyvaiko spoke about the establishment and working plans of the coordinating council of creative unions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Latvia, noted the effectiveness of the Interagency Working Group and thanked the European partners for their support of projects on safe journalistic work and the issue of the national press card in Ukraine.


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