Most flights from the Boryspil airport are being delayed, ForUm learned from the passengers waiting for their flights. The passenger to go to Simferopil suffered from the longest flight delay - nearly five hours. Morning flights to Donetsk and St. Petersburg were delayed for almost two hours. The flight to Tel Aviv and Berlin were delayed for half an hour. Flights to Brussels, Zurich, Madrid and Helsinki were delayed for one hour. To fly to Milan, Warsaw, Vienna, Perm, Moscow, Minsk, passengers had to wait about half an hour. Currently, the flight to Kaliningrad is being delayed.

Meanwhile, there are problems not only with the departure, but with the landing at the Boryspil airport. In particular, almost for five hours were delayed three flights arrivals from Simferopil, the flight arrivals from St. Petersburg, Dnipropetrovsk, Prague, Moscow, Vienna and Antalya have been delayed.

There are no delays at border control, ForUm learned from spokesman of Kyiv checkpoint spokeswoman Maryana Markovich. In turn, the Boryspil airport spokeswomen Oksana Ozhigova said some flights were indeed delayed, but not due to a fault of airlines or the airport, but due to restrictions in the airspace of certain European states.

Ozhigova also stressed that many charter flights took off last night from the new D Terminal. While the online display at the Boryspil airport official web site does not show any flights from this terminal. Moreover, as ForUm learned from one of the Kyiv travel agencies, there is virtually no booking of flights from D terminal.


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