The football fest is coming to the end. Doubts and concerns are left behind, the final and the winner are still to come. On the eve of the final match ForUm has walked along the Kyiv streets to learn the mood of the people.

On its last day the fan-zone is covered with festive atmosphere. Some fans seem not even thinking about saying good-bye.

- A good-bye? You're kidding? Today is the best moment ever - the game between Italy and Spain. I've been waiting for it for so long! - says an Italian fan Roberto.

The Swedish Corner is quite and calm. Strange enough, as only few days ago the fans were showering with beer and breaking trees.

Near the Corner we've met a Spanish fan Julian. He is a little bit sad that the championship is coming to the end, but convinced that Spain will win and hence very happy about it.

For some sellers the championship was not a successful period. An ice-cream seller cannot wait the end of the championship. Her ice-cream stall is near the fan zone, but the product is not that popular these days. Beer seller Oleksandr, on the contrary, is sad the festival is over.  - So many people, so many emotions, so many beer sold, he sighed.

Kyiv residents are also getting ready for the end of Euro. - You can feel the emotions going down. It's a pity no more fan-zone for us..., says Oleksandr, who came with his family to the event.

For some Kyiv residents the final match is a debut in the fan-zone. Some have just come home from vacation and hurry to join the fest. Some go for the history, to have memories to share. Some admit they've come just for the concert of Elton John and Queen.

Not everybody believes the festival is over. - I cannot feel the end of the fest. The emotions are still fresh and positive. Unfortunately, everything good comes to an end," says another Kyiv resident Oleksandr.

The final period in the football hoop-de-doo has been made by the concert of Elton John and Queen. It's been long time since Kyiv center welcomed that huge number of guests. The public has gone mad, which means the musicians have found the way to people's hearts.

Mariana Shevchuk, photos by Marianna Khardi


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