Meeting with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in Kyiv, the Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev said that Ukraine and Russia will have to answer the question of mutual integration sooner or later.

Medvedev said that Ukraine is the closest neighbor and partner of Russia and that the countries «have a variety of reasons not to reconsider our strategic relationship."

According to the Russian Prime Minister, there are some questions concerning the integration associations and the vectors of economic development.

"However, I understand why Ukraine takes such an accurate position on these, perhaps the most complicated issues. They are complicated because they influence the future of the state, not because they are unsolvable," Medvedev said.

He expressed the hope that during his visit to Kyiv these issues will be discussed in a friendly atmosphere.

Medvedev also said that he is not happy about the current international situation and everything indicates that no state will have a simple economic future.

"We have to make decisions. They can be harsh, sometimes even extraordinary. However, they are to be made to support our economy," Medvedev said, noting that sometimes it is necessary to make decisions together with the partners.

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