The former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk rules out granting Russian the status of the second state language.

"The issue of adopting a second state language has no prospects. This problem is far-fetched," the former President said.

Kravchuk stressed that to grant Russian the status of the state language there must be 300 votes of the MPs in favor. However, he doubts that the Party of Regions or the opposition will receive so many seats after the parliamentary elections.

In his opinion, Ukraine has no problems with the Russian language as this language is dominant in the most regions of the country.

Kravchuk also said that under the Constitution the Russian language is not the regional language but the language of international communication.

"I do not understand why the authors of the bill adopted in first reading referred Russian to the regional languages .. Perhaps the MPs have not understood something, or want to give Russian an official state status under the guise of regional language," he added.

According to Kravchuk, the issues of cancellation of parliamentary immunity and state status of the Russian language are raised in connection with the approaching elections.

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