Ukrainian metal production industry is stable and shows no problems with production provision, director general of "Metallugprom" union Vasyl Kharakhulah said at the international forum on heavy industry in Moscow.

The specialist specified that as of June 1 there are more than 50% of all metal production enterprises operating in the country - 27 out of 36 blast furnaces (75%), 19 out of 21 vessels (90%), 9 out of 17 open-hearth furnaces (53%) and 7 out of 15 electric furnace shops (47%).

According to him, no sudden growth or downfall in the metal production sector is expected till September, but only insignificant fluctuations of figures. "Later, hopefully, the export may step up," the expert said.

He also pointed out that certain boom was observed during the preparation to Euro-2012. "The construction sector was working hard, which resulted in the growth of domestic consumption of mill products. The inner market enables the producers to have more or less stable work. Hence, we should continue realizing big infrastructure projects," Kharakhulah summed up.


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