The citizens action groups standing for the holding the first Kyiv referendum believe that the City Council will support the citizens of Kyiv and make a decision on holding a plebiscite of the capital, the head of one of the action groups of the capital Oleksandr Demchenko told the reporters during the inspection procedure of signatures collected in support of the referendum holding.

"The residents of the city have expressed a very strong support for the idea of holding a referendum. We have collected more than three hundred thousand signatures in a very short period of time. We believe that the MPs of the Kyiv Council cannot ignore the opinions of third of a million citizens of Kyiv, supporting a referendum, and will make decision to hold it," Demchenko said.
The initiative to hold the first Kyiv referendum belongs to the chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov. The Mayor believes that referendums should be the norm for the Kyiv government. "The fate of the capital should be determined by the citizens of Kyiv, not by the cabinet chiefs and a few dozen MPs," Oleksandr Popov said. The citizens action groups put to a referendum the questions of the poor social security, the creation of municipal police, as well as the protection of historic district, parks and green spaces, the development priorities of the capital.

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