The new Constitution should redistribute powers of authority in favor of the local government, agreed the experts taking part in a press conference "What changes does the Constitution of Ukraine require?", ForUm correspondent reports.

In particular, the chairman of the Laboratory of Legislative Initiatives Ihor Kohut noted that the two "rehashes" of the Constitution in recent years delegitimized the Basic Law and finally betrayed the population’s trust. "That is why the Constitution should be such that would have sufficient support among the citizens," Kohut said.

He also noted that the Constitution as amended in 1996 was a compromise, but not the agreed document.

In his view, the main tasks of the Constitutional Assembly should be the decentralization of power and the judicial reform.

In turn, the MP of the Parliament of Ukraine of III-IV convocations Heorhiy Kryuchkov said that it is impossible to adopt a new Constitution or amend the effective one without the participation of the Parliament.

"The effective Basic Law declares that the changes to the Constitution shall be introduced with the mandatory participation of the Parliament. The introduction of changes to the Articles 1, 3 and 13 of the Constitution requires a national referendum," Kryuchkov said.

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