The MPs of the Supreme Council of Crimea plan to ask the Parliament of Ukraine to amend the Art. 10 of the Law of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting, providing for the share of airtime in Russian within the autonomy of at least 75% of the total daily broadcasting, ForUm learned from the Crimean parliament press office.

This issue was discussed on June 25 at the first meeting of the working group on monitoring implementation of the language legislation in Crimea.

In particular, the spokesman of the Crimean parliamentary legal committee Kostyantyn Bakharev informed of complaints of the viewers of the Krym (Crimea) state TV and radio company.
The first deputy director general of the Krym TV and radio company Stepan Gulevaty drew attention to the need for compliance with the license under which the broadcast is proportioned: the Ukrainian language makes up at least 50% of the air, Crimean Tatar - 5%, Russian, German, Greek, Armenian, Bulgarian - 45% (for January-May this year, broadcasting in Russian made up 42-43%).

"The Members of the working group adopted the recommendations providing for the implementation of the Article 10 of the Constitution of Crimea taking into account the peculiarities of the Crimean audience (more than 80% of Russian-speaking population of the peninsula) to increase the share of TV programs in Russian," the Crimean Council spokesman said.



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