Setting such unfair gas price Russia merely forces Ukraine into corner, and it's hard to explain why the strategic partner does this to Ukrainians," Ukraine's PM Mykola Azarov said in an interview with Vladimir Pozner, on the air of Russian TV channel.

"Why does Ukraine have to pay twice as much as Germany," Azarov posed a question.

"They say our government has signed this contract and consequently the country has to follow it. That's fine. But, let's say, the previous government made a strategic mistake having signed this enslaving contract for 10 years. The question is whether they expect us sitting, abiding such injustice and doing nothing about it. There is 46 million of Ukrainians suffering wrong. But these Ukrainians honestly believe that Russia and Ukraine are eternal strategic partners and friends. Tell me, how can I possibly explain to my people that this very friend is merely forces us into corner?" Azarov declared.

"I don't see any answer to this question," Azarov said and added that gas talks will continue during the coming visits of Russian PM Medvedev and President Putin.

Azarov pointed out that Ukraine expects Russia to observe good neighborly relationships while building long-term interstate relations.

"We are not asking for any discount. We just want a fair price. We want the same fair conditions Russia sets for its other partners. You know, Russia has reduced the gas price for Turkey. While Ukraine pays 550 dollars per one thousand cu meters, Turkey enjoys its 190-dollar-prices. Is it normal? Since when does Russia have better attitude towards Turkey?" Azarov said.  


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