The Public Council of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Conservation considers unacceptable the draft project of the updated Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030 prepared by the Energy and Coal Ministry of Ukraine. At the meeting held on June 22, the Council decided to appeal to the President of Ukraine to prevent the adoption of this document.

"The project of the updated energy strategy is a blow to the renewable energy and energy efficiency. The document contradicts the domestic laws and the obligations of Ukraine to the Energy Community," the chairman of the Public Council, the head of the Wind Energy Association of Ukraine Andriy Konechenkov said.

A member of the public council, the president of the Association of the Alternative Fuels and Energy Market Participants of Ukraine (AFEU) Vitali Daviy in his turn said that the draft updated strategy in the case of its adoption could destroy the Ukrainian renewable energy field.

"The content of the draft project is a very bad signal to the businessmen striving for investing into the Ukrainian renewable energy sector. The figures indicated in the draft look like not as ambitious development plans, but as some sort of restrictions. Even today, the foreign companies, having read the draft strategy, have a more restrained view on their prospects for the Ukrainian market. It is worth mentioning that the renewable energy is now the only sector in Ukraine attracting large foreign investments," the AFEU head said.

According to the environmental specialists, the project of the updated energy strategy preserves the negative trends in the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine.


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