The Pevcheske Pole (Singing Field) in Kyiv hosted the international festival "Country of Dreams", traditionally dedicated to Ivana Kupala fest. It is one of the oldest ethnic festivals in Ukraine, which may rival only "ArtPole" and "Mazapafest" founded in 2003 and, of course, 18-year-old "Poliske summer with folklore". In 2004 the initiator of the fest, Ukrainian signer Oleh Skrypka, managed to popularize the festival focusing on ancient traditions, folk arts and ethnic music.

One of the major attractions of the festival is a possibility to touch the old-world, for example literally stand in Kazak's shoes. 

During the festival the guests could find master-classes to fit every taste, for example to learn whipping or to master archery.

While walking and enjoying the fest ForUm met a popular artist Nina Matvienko, who was helping a 'Scottish' to manage his bagpipes, after which the 'Scottish' performed solo.

TV presenter and actor Oleksandr Vlasiuk, better know as Sashko Lyrnyk, was telling stories about adventures of Pan (Mr.) Kotskiy.

The Ukrainian-Japanese center also did not lose an opportunity to present its ethic culture on the festival. It's a fact that Japanese calligraphy is one of the most graceful arts of the country.

Guest of the "Country of Dreams" had an opportunity to become for a minute a samurai's apprentice or to try kendo (fencing bamboo swords). All militaries and policemen of Japan study this beautiful, but very peculiar martial art. The main task is to take a good aim and to scare enemy with a dreadful shout.

The Alley of masters offered all kinds of toys, charms, dishes and other knick-knackery, made in folk style.

Fairy tales' characters made of clay used to be very popular style, which is modestly called Ukrainian primitivism.

The concern of ethnic music is an integral part of the festival. Strolling musicians of "Folknery" group collect folk songs from all over the world and give them modern twist.

Singer Ilaria is enjoying her image of forest fairy and singing a song about a witch-girl.

There is also room for Buryat culture. "Namgar" group is singing a song about orphan baby-camel.

As guests and participants of the "Country of Dreams" told ForUm, the festival is a drive and energy charge, impossible to get in daily routine. In the epoch of Internet and hi-tech more and more people want to fell free from the civilization and plunge into the past at least for a day.

Alina Yeremeyeva
Photos of Viktor Kovalchuk


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