The first vice prime minister of Ukraine Valery Khoroshkovsky admits the delay in completing the first legislative phase of the action plan on liberalization of visa regime with the EU.

"Unfortunately, we delay the completion of the legal transition to a visa-free regime with the European Community," Khoroshkovsky said during the meeting of the Parliament.

He noted that the MPs have already postponed for several times and still have not adopted a law on biometric passports.

Khoroshkovsky also added that due to this fact the government again appeals to the Parliament to adopt this law.

In the course of the negotiations with the European Commission, he intends to ask to postpone making the so-called "third report" and to agree on the possibility of passing the bills failed to be passed until the end of this session.

According to the vice deputy prime minister, the government expects that the Ukraina (Ukraine) printing plant will have enough equipment to print all the forms of documents, including the biometric passports, by the end of 2012.

As reported, on March 20, the Parliament refused to include in the agenda of the session the bill on introduction of biometric documents.

The introduction of biometric passports is the obligation undertook by Ukraine in the framework of the action plan for the liberalization of a visa-free regime with the EU.

On February 10, the MPs agreed with the veto of the President Viktor Yanukovych and canceled the previously adopted the law on biometric passports.


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