Streets of host cities have seen all kinds of characters: people with horns and funny wigs, men in kilt, even Templars...These are foreign and Ukrainian fans, cheering for fine play and for proper refereeing.

But the life after football goes on. Bars, beaches, museums...What are the favorite places of foreigners in Ukraine? What do they prefer to visit and what are their impressions about the organization of Euro-2012 in Ukraine? ForUm has made a tour in the depth of the Kyiv fan-zone to find this out.
Edward von Set, 20, a student of economic faculty, Sweden (Stockholm):

- We mostly visit your night clubs and, of course, the camping on Truhanov Island. You have nice and open people. Yesterday we were in Shevchenko Park with Ukrainians drinking pepper vodka. Nice drink I should say. The Ukrainian language is very easy. I've learned some phrases - Ya lublu tse misto (I love this place)! I think that Kyiv resembles Berlin.

However, I did not like your service - too slow. I did not like people, who do not speak English. Besides, I've heard there are many prostitutes here. Well, I haven't met them yet, but if I do I promise to stay away. I am a good guy, honestly!

Andrei, 44, chief of a transportation department, Russia, Briansk:

- Nice fans you've gathered here, especially Swedes. They've bought up everything. It's impossible to make them...I like Andrew's Descent the most, but I think they sell pirated goods there...
I am not happy that Russia has lost, but I'll carry on cheering for France.

Milos, 30, musician, Serbia (Novi Sad):

- On the eve of the match between Ukraine and England I saw 30 Ukrainians taking pictures with one British guy. No fights, no conflicts...That's what I call high-class.

I believe the anti-Ukrainian propaganda in the press is mere politics, dirty politics. It's a shame they use football for these goals.

Rory, 27, lawyer, Great Britain (London):

- It's been such a long train trip to Ukraine! But as for the rest I am quite satisfied. Beaches, fan-zones, bars...They are wonderful. The beer is tasty and what is more important way cheaper than at home. In Great Britain one glass of beer costs about 50 hryvnias.

Having visited Ukraine I now understand that British media was wrong about racism issue. I feel ashamed for them.

Anton Randa, 19, a student, Sweden (Stromstad):

- We have cooler weather in Sweden. Too much heat here and too much beer! However, it is very beautiful around.

Quentin, 23, temporary unemployed, France (Paris):

- I am in love with the atmosphere here in the capital. But I don't like your heat and I don't like so many Swedes! Besides, many Ukrainians do not speak English. Waiters in restaurants and cafes cannot translate the menu and the majority of street signs are in Cyrillic.

Zid, 30, an entrepreneur, Tunis-France:

- I don't even know what to complain about. Kyiv is beautiful, but Lviv is the best. People are very positive. I haven't had any problems. My T-shirt reads "Tunis" but nobody has ever offended me.

Outside the fan-zone I've been given numerous business cards with coordinates of various massage salons. I believe it's possible to get sex service there. Anyway, I am not interested.

Aidris Rehans, 27, a dentist, Eritrea:

 - I graduated medical college in Poltava, so I know pretty much about Ukraine. In my opinion Donetsk is the best prepared host-city, though Kharkiv and Kyiv also do well. The only disappointment is that I've failed to get a ticket for the final match.

As for racism, you know, back in 2005-2006 I was afraid to go our after 9 p.m. But Ukraine is changing for the better. Now I am outside 24 hours and nobody says a word about different skin color.
Yaroslav Yuda, 43, sales manager of cosmetics goods, Poland (Wroclaw):

- What can say, Ukraine likes Poles! As for me, I like your girls and your food, especially borsch and solianka (a thick soup of vegetables and meat). What I don't like is my hotel. The price is high but the conditions leave much to be desired. My room definitely needs a remodeling.

I've been to Ukraine many times on business trips and know the country pretty well. The only thing is that I've never visited your theatres, but I promise to go one day.

Hien, 18, a student, Vietnam (Hanoi):

- I study in Odesa and I've come to Kyiv for the festival. I cheer for all the teams. As for xenophobia in Ukraine, well, I've had some incidents, but not during Euro-2012.

Miroslav, 29, musician, Russia, the Republic of Kalmykia:

- I like the atmosphere and your women. I didn't like that Swedes had to finish mounting the camping by themselves. I am a traveler by nature, and I've visited the most part of Ukraine.

David Edwards, 31, airport security, Great Britain (London):

- I've been everywhere in Kyiv! I've seen the Sofia and Mikhailovski cathedrals, I've been to Hydropark, I've visit the Patriotic War museum and I've even climbed the statue of Mother Motherland. I am not a specialist, but I believe the city center combines all kinds of architectural styles.

On BBC channel we saw reports about dangerous Ukraine, but your people are nice and open. Neither racists nor prostitutes have attacked us yet!

Kevin Aberdeen, 31, a worker at an oil plant, Scotland:

- Oh, it's so sunny here, not like at home in Scotland, and people are friendlier than in our country. Prices, though, are higher than expected.

Yulia Yakimovich, 17, a student, Kyiv:

- It's nice to be able to talk to foreigners and to learn their way of having fun. As for negative moments, well, traffic jams are a disaster. Besides, many foreigners complain that Ukrainians want to make money from them. I don't want Europe to believe we are mercantile and opportunistic people.

Gregory Grigoriev, 50, an engineer, Canada (Ottawa):

- I am a representative of Ukrainian Diaspora. My grandma is from Ukraine, so I visited Ukraine before. I don't like the heat, it is difficult to bear, but it's the only trouble I've come across with, the rest is just fine. Everybody says 'Welcome' and try to help.

Franz Wlamink, 30, a teacher, the Netherlands (Utrecht):

- I've been swimming today in Hydropark. Great place. I've also visited the Sofia and Mikhailovski cathedrals and taken a ride on funicular railroad. I've enjoyed the most the party of your fans in Kharkiv - wherever you look the color was orange.

Before the trip we were warned not to go to Ukraine. They said it was dangerous and that we would spend the whole day at the border. Well, traveling by car is indeed a long trip, but at the border we spent maximum 15 minutes. We've also heard that there are many prostitutes in here, but we have not met them yet. However, it would not be surprising for us. Holland is a moral free country.

Patris, 23, a student of journalism faculty, Cameroon-France:

- I like your girls and the festival mood. Your beer though is not that nice. The service is not bad. There is a wide choice of restaurants and bars.

As for racism, it exists all over the world. However, in Ukraine I have not come across the manifestation of xenophobia. I don't touch people, people do not touch me.

Volodymyr, 32, a manager, Kyiv region:

- Euro-2012 has united us all. But I hate to hear state officials claiming all the merits. If not for the hospitable and kind people the fest would not have occurred. It's the people, not politicians, have proved that we are a decent nation.

Alina Yeremeyeva, Anastacia Pika, photo of Marianna Hardi


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