About 300 points of sale of quality water are to appear in Ukraine by the end of the year, the chairman of the State Agency for Investment and Management of National Projects of Ukraine Vladyslav Kaskiv said during the presentation of the results of the Quality Water national project feasibility study, ForUm correspondent reports.

The official said that today the issue of the water quality is a key factor in the nation's healthcare. "For this we have put the problem at the level of the national project. It involves the differentiation of the supply of drinking and household water, giving the people clear and at the same time available water, which today is a problematic issue due to the deterioration of the water supply and the water quality," the head of the state agency said.

He said that now the majority of the population cannot afford to buy clean water in the shops, while under the Quality Water national project, the cost of water is not to exceed 0.4 UAH per liter. Moreover, according to Kaskiv, this program as well as other national projects is implemented upon the public-private partnership.

" I can assure you that the interest of the private sector to this issue is large enough. There are many investors willing to provide people with quality water," he said.

He stressed that the Quality Water national project will be profitable for investors. The overall estimate of the project is 3 billion UAH, the share of state budget financing makes up to 35%.

"In fact, we will set up a new industry in the country, as in the case of other national projects dealing with liquefied gas, the sports infrastructure in the Carpathians and others," the official said.

Currently, the Eco-Nolz GmbN GmbН German company has completed a feasibility study of the project, and will soon pass to its investment phase. By the end of 2012 the first 300 water vending machines are to appear in Lugansk, Mariupol and Odessa. In general, the first 15 pilot cities (the industrial regions and regional centers) were selected. The total number of vending machines will reach 23 thousand.


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