Journalists of the Polish Radio Eska ROCK joked not about Ukrainian women, who often work as housewives in Poland, but made fun of the stereotypes of some Polish society representatives, ForUm learned from the statement of the Eska ROCK SA chairman Bohuslav Potonets.

According to the radio head, the program of Michał Figurski and Kuba Wojewódzki is a satire show and does not reflect their personal views.

"Authors play different roles personifying some Poles in order to expose and make fun of their meanness," Potonets said.

He pointed out that the program in question was devoted to the victory of the Ukrainian team over Sweden, and it was "a mockery of some Poles' mentality," who are "jealous" of the Ukrainians success.

The Eska ROCK head said that his radio station and the majority of Poles cheered for the Ukrainian national team and hoped that at least one co-host of the current Euro 2012 would go to the semifinals.


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