Two well-known Polish journalists Michał Figurski and Kuba Wojewódzki are to stand trial for their dirty jokes about the Ukrainian women said on the air of the Eska Rock radio station.

The number of Polish and Ukrainian NGOs in Poland filed to the prosecutor’s office the materials proving the violation of the national laws which prohibit the xenophobic statements and provides for such acts the imprisonment for up to three years.

Adam Sauer, the representative of the PAUCI Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation, who together with the Association of Ukrainians in Poland initiated the production of materials to the prosecutor’s office, informed that they were supported by a number of other organizations and individuals, both Poles and Ukrainians.

The NGOs representatives noted that the statement of the journalists made in the Wojewódzki Figurski Poranny WF morning TV program on June 12 after the match between Sweden and Ukraine "crossed the border of good taste, personal culture or satirical format" and should be the subject of the investigation by the Polish state authorities.

The production to the prosecutor’s office includes the transcript of the part of the talk between the journalists in their program:
Wojewódzki: Do you know what I did yesterday after the match with Ukraine?
Figurski: What?
Wojewódzki: I acted like a true Pole ...
Figurski: You kicked the dog?
Wojewódzki: No, I kicked away mu Ukrainian woman (laughing)
Figurski (laughing): It’s good idea (laughing). That did not come into my mind. You know what? I won’t pay her, out of spite.
Wojewódzki: You know what, I'll take her back, take her money and kick her away again (laughing)
Figurski: You know, if mine were just a bit nicer, I would have raped her.
Wojewódzki: Err .. I do not know how mine looks like, because she always keeps kneeling to me…(laughing)».

"The statements of both journalists may have consequences as incidents on ethnic grounds not only in Poland but in Ukraine as well, where the transcript of this program via the Internet is actively browsing. So the fast decisive reaction of the prosecutor is very important," the production says.
Sauer said this is not the first time the mentioned journalists allow themselves xenophobic statements, noting that now one of the Warsaw courts is considering a public offence of Polish officials by a journalist. The official, whose father is Indian, is working as the press secretary in one of the state institutions. The journalists in their program called him "nigger" and allow themselves saying other dirty jokes.

In the 38 millionth Poland live about 100 thousand foreigners. The majority of them, about a third, is the citizens of Ukraine. The Ukrainians are also the largest group of foreigners working in Poland having working visas, mainly in agriculture, households and construction fields. Just last year, the Polish employers registered 240 thousand applications from the Ukrainians for employment.

The Ukrainians, according to the census taken last year, remain to be the fourth ethnic minority in Poland.


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